Fasteners & Bolting

We can provide 100% North American Studs and Bolts as well as North American Heavy Hex Nuts and Washers with full MTR’s.

We can supply imported products or custom made from DFARS approved country of origin when projects call for this requirement. 

We can supply bolts to ASTM A193 and Nuts to ASTM A194. and Belleville Washers in Stainless Steel. 


Some examples of Bolts that can be supplied are:

  • Alloy Steel Bolts
  • Stainless Steel Bolts
  • Superalloy Bolts
  • North American made B8/B8M bolts
  • North American made B7/L7/B16 bolts
  • North American made B8 Class 2 bolts
  • North American made B8M Class 2 bolts
  • Xylan Blue 1424 Coated Nuts & Bolts              


Some of the North American made items we can supply include:

  • A194 2H Hex Nuts                             
  • A194 Grade 4 Hex Nuts                
  • A194 Grade 7 Hex Nuts 
  • A194 Grade 8 Hex Nuts 
  • A194 Grade 8M Hex Nuts 
  • A194 GR. 8 SH Hex Nuts
  • A194 GR. 8M SH Hex Nuts   
  • A563 A, A563 DH Hex Nuts                    
  • A193 B16 Hex Bolts
  • A193 B7 Hex Bolts
  • A320 L7 Hex Bolts
  • A193 B8 Hex Bolts
  • A193 B8M Hex Bolts
  • A193 B8 CLASS 2 Bolts
  • A193 B8M CLASS 2 Bolts
  • A354BD Grade 8 Bolts