Compressed Non Asbestos Gaskets

Durlon 8900
Garlock Bluegard 3000 Bluegard 3000 gasket material is a general purpose gasket sheet with excellent sealability. Garlock Bluegard 3200/3400 Bluegard 3200/3400 have excellent sealing characteristics with good torque retention. This gasket material is made with aramid fibers with an SBR binder. Garlock Bluegard 3300 Bluegard 3300 is effective in a variety of applications including oils, fuels, and refrigerants. This gasket material is made from aramid fibers with a Neoprene binder. Garlock Bluegard 3700 Bluegard 3700 is used against acids and caustics of moderate concentrations. This gasket material is made of aramid fibers with an EPDM binder. Multi-Swell Style 3760 Multi-Swell 3760 gasket material swells when it absorbs the media at the inside edge creating a long term and tighter seal. Style 3760-U is NSF-61 certified for potable water. Garlock 9800 Garlock 9800 has a very high resistance to heat and pressure. This gasket material is often used in piping, chemical and gas services. Garlock 9850 Garlock 9850 gasket material has a very high resistance to heat and pressure. It is a high temperature material composed of carbon fibers with a nitrile binder. Garlock 9900 Garlock 9900 gasket material is very versatile, as it can withstand extreme conditions including high heat & extreme pressure. Composed of graphite fibers with a nitrile binder, this gasket material is ABS Fire Safe Type Approved. Garlock IFG5500 Garlock IFG 5500 is a general service gasket material offering excellent thermal and pressure resistance.