Dielectric Absorber Foam and Honeycomb

Dielectric absorber foams are ideal for the suppression of electromagnetic energy. 

Materials include:

  • Lossy flexible foam: a low density, high loss, carbon impregnanted foam dielectric absorber.  Available in thicknesses of .125" to 2", plain, or with pressure sensistive adhesive. Ideal for applications that reqyure absorption across a wide range of frequencies (antenna cross talk, etc.) 
  • Multi-layer foams:  used in Broadband absorption from 500 MHZ to 40 GHz to controls surface currents, crosstalk reduction, Antenna shrouding.  Available in thicknesses of .250" to 4.50", plain, or with pressure sensistive adhesive.
  • Dielectric Absorber Honeycomb: can be tuned to operate at various frequencies over a broad spectrum. The electrical performance can be maximized for insertion/transmission or reflection loss. Designed to enhance antenna performance, Ultra lightweight yet mechanically durable, Superior electrical performance.