High Temperature Gaskets

Ceramic Blankets Ceramic blankets are made from high quality spun ceramic fibers. These products are composed... Ceramic Paper Ceramic fibre paper is manufactured from high purity refractory alumina silicate fibres and... Ceramic Tape & Rope Ceramic Tape & Rope are a superior insulating tape capable of withstanding temperatures... Fiberglass Tape Fiberglass is lightly woven tape manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn. Fiberglass Rope Fiberglass Rope is made of contiguous filament texturized yarn, woven into rope. Tadpole Tape Tadpole Tapes are resilient, non-absorbent gasketing tapes formed by wrapping heat resistant... Silica Fabric Silica is composed of texturized yarn, having good insulating properties. ManniGlas® Manniglas® is a thermal insulation using non-respirable glass fiber nonwovens to create... Flexible Graphite gaskets Flexible Graphite is manufactured from mineral graphite. It is also called Graphoil ®. MICA Mica gasket material is exceptional in it resistance to high heat. At temperatures over... Thermiculite Thermiculite ® is a Flexitallic product designed for high temperature. It is suitable for... Termica TerMica ® is a Teadit product designed for high temperature. This premium phlogopite... Millboard Millboard is used as high temperature for insulating plates, boilers or furnace doors and many more. Glasstherm Glasstherm is a thermal insulation sheet with superior strength and heat resistance for... Marinite ® Marinite is a thermal structural board insulation. This gasket material is a non-asbestos fire-resistant material...