Marinite ®

Marinite is a thermal structural board insulation. This gasket material is a non-asbestos fire-resistant material manufactured in 4'x8' panel form. These boards are designed to combine structural strength and high thermal insulating values in a variety of fireproofing and heat processing equipment applications.


Available in Type A, I, P forms


Marinite ® Type A is a non-asbestos strong inorganic board for conveying and handling molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals up to 1500ºF.

Marinite ® Type I is a non-asbestos incombustible calcium silicate fiber reinforced sheet that has a combined structural strength with high thermal insulating values for application up to 1200ºF.

Marinite ® Type P has much higher compressive strength than Marinite Type I.  It is denser and has a higher temperature service up to 1700ºF.